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No. 50 pdf.gif (137 bytes) Dealing With Dissenters--When To Stand Up
No. 51


Grief: The Hardest Thing
No. 52   When You Lose A Confidant: Working Through The Grief
No. 53   Thirteen Ways To Recognize The "Adult Child"--In You???
No. 54   A Christian Amidah --- A Joyous Affirmation of Faith
No. 55   The New Year's Coming!--Manage Your Ministry More Effectively
No. 56   The Antagonist's Greatest Weapon--Perils of Pastoral Over-Function
No. 57   Healthy Boundaries And Co-Dependent Extremes--Check Your Boundaries
No. 58   Searching In Sorrow—Pastoral Reflections on God’s Leading
No. 59   First Half--Second Half—Reflections On Bob Buford's Book, "Half Time" 

No. 60


A Recipe For Antagonism--How It Can Start

No. 61   What It Really Means To "Let Go"
No. 62   A Football Tao For Pastors--Understand Ministry From A Different Perspective
No. 63   Four Types of Antagonistic Manipulators--And How To Deal With Them
No. 64   Ten Commandments Of Dysfunctional Families--Ministry Perspectives For Identifying and Ministering To ACOA/ACDF's
No. 65   Tears Of Trial--A Discussion of The Meaning And Experience Of Christian Suffering**
No. 66   What Parenting Taught ME About Leadership -- What Have YOU Learned?
No. 67   Your Strength Is Your Weakness
No. 68   Pastoral Code Of Conduct
No. 69   Settle It In Your Heart--Jesus' Key For Coping (Luke 21:10)
No. 70   Is There A Narcissist In The (Lord's) House?--A DSM-IV Based Profile of A Antagonistic Personality*
No. 71   Failure: Another Perspective, Part I -- Ministry Health "Snippets" On Failure (cf. No. 78)
No. 72   The Difference Between The "Real Self" And The "False Self" -- Looking Beyond Those "Facades"*
No. 73   Tell Yourself The Truth--Key Insights For Overcoming Self-Blame and Anger Based on Backus' Book
No. 74   How To Get Rid Of Your Preacher--It May Backfire!
No. 75   Four Responses To Crisis--How Do You Respond?*
No. 76   Recognizing Addictive And Obsessive Behaviors -- Stress May Bring Them On!*
No. 77   In Search Of Pastoral Excellence--An Inventory Of A Healthy Ministry
No. 78   Failure: Another Perspective, Part II -- More Ministry Health "Snippets" On Failure
No. 79   The Nursing Home: A Metaphor For The Church???
No. 80   When Trusted Leaders Become Troubled
No. 81   How To Deal With Dr. Jekyl-Mr. Hyde In Your Church
No. 82   Sixteen Marks Of A Shame-Based Ministry
No. 83   Knives: The Attacks That Hurt Most -- What Are Your 'Knives'??
No. 84   Twenty-Two Expressions Of Unhealthy (Pastoral) Guilt*
No. 85   What's It Like To Be A Pastor Of A Church?  from Dale Robbin's Book, "What People Ask About The Church"
No. 86  

When Your Church World Collapses--And You're The Pastor's Wife

No. 87   Are You Still Performing Human Sacrifice?--What's Your Ministry Motivation
No. 88   Insights From Seamand's Healing Of Memories
No. 89 pdf.gif (137 bytes) Leadership Insights From The East--Demythologized
No. 90   Nixon's Ten Commandments Of Statecraft...Plus Two: Key Insights For Leadership And Negotiation
No. 91   We All Go To Damascus: Your Mid-Ministry Spiritual Transformation
No. 92   Preaching The Gospel: Snippets From Rev. Wayne Dobratz
No. 93   Rules For Being A Pastor
No. 94   I Know A Savior--For The "Soul"
No. 95   Fifteen Characteristics Of A Dysfunctional Church
No. 96   Twelve Guidelines For Being Human
No. 97   A Morning Prayer--Start Your Day Out Right!**
No. 98   "Horse Sense" For Pastors And Leaders -- Insights For Your "Ecclesiastical Corral"
No. 99   Loneliness: A Calling*

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