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Workshops And Seminars


To Promote Healthier Ministry...
In Local, Regional, And Denominational Settings

Ministry Health, LLC offers insightful and highly practical opportunities to promote healthier Christian ministry. Such opportunities are offered to
* Individuals: Personal support to pastors and congregations desiring support and insight
* Pastoral Groups: Local clergy associations, circuits, and other groupings of pastors;
* Congregations: Individual and groups of congregations;
* Denominational Judicatories and entities such as conferences, circuits, judicatories, presbyteries, dioceses, or other groupings of churches;
* Denominational Executives: For in-service support, continuing education, and/or equipping denominations to intervene in unhealthy congregations;
* Consultants
* Other interested organizations and entities, secular or religious.
Above events are held on local, regional and national bases as desired. Unless otherwise noted, all events will be hosted by Thomas Fischer, Director of Ministry Health, LLC.

Seminars And Educational Events

The following events are designed to promote healthy congregational process and healthier ministry. Utilizing insights of Scripture and other secular disciplines, these events are designed to identify, describe and offer interventive strategies for dealing with various aspects of Christian ministry. 

Events are led by Thomas Fischer, Director of Ministry Health, LLC.. Widely regarded as a highly effective communicator, educator and author these offerings are designed to provide practical insights necessary to understand and implement effective, healthy ministry.

* Healthier Congregations

These multi-module workshops are developed by Ministry Health, LLC Director, Thomas Fischer. Based on his extensive experience and observation, these workshops focus on specific, practical strategies to address congregational anxiety. 
Each module is designed for use in  3-1/2 hour blocks and may be combined to suit the individual congregational needs. Each module focuses on anxiety at all levels--congregational, lay leadership, and staff relationships. 
Healthier Congregations workshop modules are especially applicable to helping deal more constructively with congregational anxiety and dealing with specific issues such as worship, finances, staffing, leadership, vision, etc. 
Congregations may utilize one, all or any combination of the worships according to their perceived needs.

1) "Healthier Congregations: Healthy Ways To Deal With Anxiety"

2) "Healthier Leaders: Helping Leaders Develop Healthy Relationships"

3) "Healthier Staff: Nurturing Healthier Ministry Team"

4) "Healthier Vision: Keys To Developing An Enthusiastic, 'Catchable' Vision"

5) "Healthier Planning: Strategies for Developing A Healthy Ministry Plan For the Local Church"

* The Great Commission: A Matter Of Emotional Process

A day-long workshop demonstrating how key emotional processes in the church directly affect congregational mission. When emotional processes are identified, congregational can begin healthier functioning as they begin overcoming various destructive emotional processes identified in this workshop.

* Pastoral Trauma: Strategies For Healing

This 1-1/2 day seminar identifies the nature of the increasing depth and frequency of pastoral trauma. Those interested in understanding and addressing the current rise in clergy resignations will find this workshop to be an essential foundation to healing intervention.
Denominational overseers at all levels will be greatly benefit from this workshop. Pastors experiencing ministry-related trauma will find this workshop to be a key pillar of their healing process. This workshop is an excellent basis for developing local and/or pastoral support groups to facilitate further healing.

* Healthy Congregations

Healthy Congregations share a basic characteristics. Developed by Peter Steinke from a grant by Lutheran Brotherhood, this workshop applies insights of Bowen Family Systems Theory to congregational life. Congregations marked by a history of trauma, chronic anxiety, repeated history of conflict will especially benefit from this remarkable 1-1/2 day workshop experience.

* The Maintenance Mindset: Strategies For Intervention

Why is it that congregations tend to stay the same? Why do they continually go through virtually predictable cycles of anxiety and conflict? What are things that Pastors and congregational leaders can do in such congregations?

Pastors and leaders in such chronically "stuck" congregations will gain insight into the dynamics of causes such congregations to continually engage in behaviors which hinder the mission of Jesus Christ, often with great pain. Effective short and long-term strategies will be suggested to help shape these regulatory behaviors to transform unhealthy dominant emotional congregational systems.

* *

Growing ministries virtually always require a growing number of staff to meet the growing challenges and opportunities for ministry. Unfortunately, meeting these challenges can also give rise to inter-personal team anxieties and misunderstandings which may threaten the health of congregational staff leadership teams. 
"Strengthening Staff Relationships" is directed to enhancing greater understanding of various individual personal preferences and personality interactions.
One of Ministry Health's most popular workshops, this workshop has been used on both staff and congregational levels to build repoire among staff members, dramatically reduce interpersonal conflict, and give renewed commitment to Christian team ministry. This workshop can be tailored to a half-day or multiple-day format for small or large groups.

* Ministry In Our ACOA World

Alcoholism and other family dysfunction may be one of the most pervasive influences on today’s ministry. Whether pastor or parishioner, leader or member, understanding ACoA dynamics is perhaps one of the most important keys to intervening and renewing healthy Christian ministries. This 1-1/2 day workshop is addresses one of Ministry Health’s most frequent areas of inquiry.

* Self-Differentiation: A Key To Pastoral Health

In an ever-increasingly hostile world of ministry pastors and Christian leaders need to rediscover Biblically-based self-differentiation. This workshop describes and highlights key areas of self-differentiation including

* "Aspects Of Self-Differentiation,"
* "Modes of Self-Differentiation,"
* "Self-Differentation: Models Of Spirituality," and
* "Finding Strength And Resilience Via Self-Differentiation"

* Other Workshops
Given the broad ranges of topics relating to congregational health in Ministry Health’s archives, other workshops directed to specific needs are also available. Such examples of workshops may include topics such as…
  1. Developing Spirituality: The Most Painful Ministry Experience
  2. Surviving Congregational Conflict
  3. Spiritual Depression: The Ministerial Experience
    Antagonists: Not The REAL Problem!

For more information about these or other workshops contact Thomas Fischer, Director, Ministry Health, LLC.

Consulting Services:

Ministry Health, LLC offers consultation and retainer services for individual support, insight and encouragement for
* Individuals via phone, email and/or personal consultation on a daily basis at no cost as part of Ministry Health’s ministry to the churches. However, those individuals who indicate a desire to retain these services at a more regular and extensive basis are assessed at negotiable rate.
* Support Groups (up to 12 in attendance). Denominations or other ministry entities (districts, presbyteries, congregations, etc) are invited to inquire about Ministry Health retainer services to provide additional low-cost, confidential, personal support with their valued ministry staff.
* Denominational Think-Tanks/Staff Meetings Denominational Think-Tanks/Staff Meetings. Denominational offices wishing to  enhance their ministry to pastors and congregations may wish to consider a staff meeting with Director Thomas Fischer on a topic of their choice relating to Ministry Health
Consulting services are offered on a negotiable, contract basis and are developed in consultation with the Director of Ministry Health, LLC..

Workshop/Seminar Fees:

Workshops and seminars are offered on-site or at the location of the sponsoring entity’s choosing. Seminar fees are based on three components.

1) Deposit For Engagement: A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to secure any date for consultation, workshops, etc. This amount may be applied to the honorarium.

2) Honorarium. To date Ministry Health, LLC has found it unnecessary to charge a specific honorarium as congregations and other ministry organizations typically recognize the value of Ministry Health programs.  Honorariums should take into account travel time, preparation time and the expertise of the speaker as well as the actual on-site time. 

The generous honoraria and other donations from those requesting workshops and consultations enable Ministry Health, LLC to cover secretarial, website and other overhead expenses. Such generosity also enables Ministry Health, LLC to continue to offer the Ministry Health biweekly email newsletter on a complimentary basis to over 2000 pastors, denominational executives and Christian leaders throughout the world.

3) Fixed Expenses. These include seminar materials, travel expenses, food and hotel lodging are in addition to the above daily fees. Consultations held on Sundays are assessed an additional $125 to cover substitute preaching fees at the consultant's congregation.

Fees are payable as follows:
    * Non-refundable security deposit is receivable within two weeks from the time a workshop or consultation is finalized;    
     * Fees for all seminar materials and travel arrangements must be received at least two weeks prior to the seminar/workshop event. 
     * Balance of the remainder of fees is payable at the conclusion of the workshop.

Those wishing to make additional donations for the extension of this ministry are welcome.


Ministry Health, LLC
also offers its support on a retainer basis. Please contact MH for more information.
Please direct your inquiry to Thomas F. Fischer, Director of Ministry Health, LLC. at 517-832-3667 or via email, . Promotional flyers and other information is available by request.
Thomas F. Fischer, M.Div, M.S.A.,

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