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No. 100   We Don't Have Voter's Assembly Meetings Anymore--Consider An Effective Alternative!
No. 101   The "Beagle Principle"--Develop A More Constructive, Grace-Based Attitude Toward Antagonists*
No. 102   Congregational Splits: Seventeen Lessons In The Aftermath
No. 103   Don't Kill The Dragon--Tame Them!
No. 104   Are You A "Super" Pastor???
No. 105   The Office Of The Ministry: A Unique Burden*
No. 106  

"Waiting For A Miracle"--Christmas 2000 Message*

No. 107   Our Changing Spirituality In A Post-Industrial Society*
No. 108   The Ministry: A Calling To 'Let Go' *
No. 109   Coping With Damaged People*
No. 110   It's Sad...But True!*
No. 111   Fischer's ("Ninety Percent") Rule--The Ultimate Secret For Self-Differentation
No. 112   The Chemical Side Of Failure
No. 113   Things I Enjoy Most About Being A Minister--From MH Subscribers
No. 114   Coping With Damaged People--What To Do When Antagonists Erupt!
No. 115   "This 'n' That" Snippets
No. 116   That Erratic Church Attendance -- Ways To Deal With Yours
No. 117   Reaching Bob And Muriel -- Suggestions For Effective Outreach*
No. 118   The Most Insidious Cult -- Reflections On A Critical Issue
No. 119   The Church As A Campfire -- Is The Fire Glowing???*
No. 120   How's Your Pastoral Career Path?--Are You Climbing The Ladder?
No. 121   Snippets For Procrastinators--Don't Put Them Off!**
No. 122   God Knows--For The "Soul"
No. 123   Verbal Aikido--A Strategy To Help Ease Conflict
No. 124   Snippets For Leaders--Reflections Of Leadership
No. 125   44 Ways To A Healthier Ministry*
No. 126  

Pastoral Care Of The Pastor's Wife

No. 127  

Conflict: Ten Tests Of Character*

No. 128  

Don't Look Now: They're Just Like You!--Do Churches Mimic Pastors?*

No. 129   Put Your Hand Up When You're Drowning--Insights For Ministry Management*
No. 130   Yes, But Do You Love Them?*
No. 131   He's Not Here, He's On A Long Service Leave*
No. 132   The Changes Life Brings To Us*
No. 133  

The Danger Of Slowing Down

No. 134  

Those Vision Statements

No. 135  

Isaiah, Son of Amoz, CEO

No. 136   Sixteen Lessons On Leadership
No. 137   One Solitary Life--Reflections On Jesus's Leadership Influence
No. 138   Pastors, Parishioners, And Pygmalion--Do Congregations Really Mimic Their Pastors?*
No. 139   Observations On Leadership: More Ministry Health Snippets
No. 140

LCMS Clergy Study (PDF only)
(Reprinted With Permission by the Board of Higher Ed: Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)

No. 141   The Pastor's Mistress*
No. 142   Leadership And Influence*
No. 143   Twelve Habits Of Highly Effective Spiritual Leaders
No. 144  

Don't Kill The Dragon--Responses Related To Article 103

No. 145  

Five Styles Of Ritual Communication

No. 146  

The "Twelve Steps" Of Spiritual Transformation

No. 147  

Twenty-One Characteristics Of Pastoral Change Agents

No. 148  

You're The Only One I Can Tell

No. 149  

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