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Ministry Resources

1) Insights For Effective Divorce Recovery: Thomas F. Fischer, Author

A resource of articles specifically written by Ministry Health Director Thomas F. Fischer. Each article is specifically written to address key topics necessary to offer more than just divorce support. Articles were developed as part of a DivorceCare™ support group ministry in his own congregation.

Note: Many individuals receiving consultation or attending Ministry Health seminars find these extremely useful for helping them gain insight for healthier emotional function..

* Divorce: The "F" Response: Understanding how fear motives many un-expected break ups.
* Checklist For Loneliness: Explores reasons for individuals feeling so "alone."
* Dysfunctional Soul Mates: Why broken soul mate relationships are so very painful
* Addictive Emotional Process: Explores the dynamic interaction of emotional process in human interactions including dating, marriage...and divorce.
* How To Begin New Relationships: Includes a checklist for "readiness"
* Three Stages of Recovery: Contains a detailed table and explanations of degrees of recovery in over twenty areas.
* Four Responses To Recovery: Not everyone will recover. This article illustrates who will...adn who won't.
* Unsafe People: Insights and a checklist to help individuals identify and avoid unsafe relationships.
* Self-Differentiation: The Final Stage of Recovery


* $35.00 PDF file download (includes reprint permission for local use only)
* Single hard copies via land mail $12.50 ea, $10 each for orders of 5 or more.

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2) Walk The Walk: Betty A. Croisant, Author

Each volume contains 12 lessons of Bible-based exploration of topics relating to an increasingly healthy understanding and walk of faith. Topics include dealing with fear, self-esteem, God's calling, finding your purpose, etc.

Walk The Walk is a must resource to help individuals learn about healthy emotional and spiritual process.Written by Betty A. Croisant, Ministry Health's Administrative Assistant and edited by Thomas F. Fischer, Director..

Vol 1
Vol 2
Vol 3

Price Per Volume:
* $35.00 PDF file download (includes reprint permission for local use only)
* Single hard copies via land mail $12.50 ea, $10 each for orders of 5 or more.

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