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MH Dissertations Archive

To MH Dissertations Archive

Ministry Health Dissertations provides yet another area of growth, support and insight for church leaders.

Ministry Health Dissertations provides dissertations and thesis on various topics relating to congregational health.

Thesis and dissertations are accepted on the following conditions:

They meet the approval of Ministry Health editorial board and are in agreement with the stated and implicit purposes of Ministry Health, LLC.

Each article submitted will be listed below with a hyperlink. All works submitted retain the pre-eminent copyright of the author. Any use by any other party will require permission of the author.

Authors may request removal of the dissertations from Ministry Health Dissertations at any time. Such request should be made to the Director of Ministry Health, LLC.  

All works submitted and posted at Ministry Health Dissertations will have credits posted at beginning of each article as follows:

Questions? Please contact Thomas F. Fischer, M.Div., M.S.A, Director, at

Ministry Health Dissertations
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2930 Hessel Ave.
Rochester Hills, MI  48307
or via email:

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