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In Search Of Pastoral Excellence*
A Ministry Empowerment Questionnaire

Dr. Rowland Croucher

Number 77

Pastor-teachers 'prepare God's people for Christian service, in order to build up the body of Christ', so that they may become 'mature people' (Ephesians 4:12,13). How well are you doing?

Directions: Answer every question by putting the appropriate number (1) (2) (3) (4) or (5) in the blank before each item number. If in doubt, choose the most nearly correct answer.

____1. PREPARATION. To equip myself to equip others I spend time in prayer, reflection and study each week:

(1) 20+ hours (2) 15-19 hours (3) 10-14 hours (4) 5-9 hours (5) Less than 5 hours.

____2. DELEGATION. As a pastor-leader…

I would score well in (1) all these areas (2) OK in four or more of them (3) three (4) two (5) one or none..

____3. THEOLOGICAL TRAINING: My entire college/seminary theological training (after high school) includes…

(1) 4+ years full-time or equivalent (2) 3-4 years full-time or equivalent (3) 2-3 years full-time or equivalent (4) 1-2 years full-time or equivalent (5) Less than one year..

____4. PRACTICAL THEOLOGY: My theological training included practical theology components such as

Of the above, I have taken (1) all of these (2) at least four of these (3) three (4) two (5) one or none.

____ 5. CONTINUING EDUCATION. I do a post-seminary course (of at least 3 days' duration) in some area of practical theology

(1) more than once a year (2) about once a year (3) less than once a year (4) about every 2-3 years (5) hardly ever

____ 6. PROFESSIONAL READING. I read books on practical theology:

(1) at least one a week (2) about 2-3 a month (3) about 1-2 a month (4) about 1-2 every two months (5) fewer than 1-2 every three months

____7. JOURNALS. I read practical ministry periodicals or journals:

(1) 4 or more a month (2) about 3 a month (3) about 2 a month (4) about one a month (5) fewer than one a month.


We would score well in (1) at least seven of the above (2) five-six (3) three-four (4) one or two (5) none

____9. WORSHIP LEADERSHIP. Our church involves many people in leading worship services through

We do (1) all of these (2) four of them (3) three (4) two (5) one or none of the above

____10. COUNSELOR TRAINING. There is a 'counseling/how to help your friend' course run by our church (or some other nearby group which our church members are urged to attend):

(1) about once a year (2) about once every 2 years (3) about once every 3 years (4) every 4 years or so (5) never or hardly ever

____11. VISITATION TRAINING. To train people in visitation /counseling I have a trainee with me

(1) at least 50% of my people-time (2) 30-40% (3) 20-30% (4) 10-20% (5) Less than 10%

____12. GROWTH GROUPS. The proportion of our regular Sunday attendees belonging at any one time to a small group for spiritual growth would be

(1) 70% or more (2) 45-70% (3) 25-45% (4) 10-25% (5) less than 10%

____13. FORMATION. To foster our people's ongoing spiritual growth we have:

We would have (1) at least five of the above in place (2) four (3) three (4) two (5) one or none.

____14. ORGANIZATION. In our church's structure,

(1) We have all this in place (2) we have three of the above (3) two (4) one (5) none

Total Points= ____

Your Rating

How did you score? If your total score was

Dr. Rowland Croucher

* Note From The Editor:

This questionnaire is from  Your Church Can Come Alive - 34 Marks Of A Healthy Church by Rowland Croucher and  reprinted by permission of the author.  Dr. Rowland Croucher is Director of John Mark Ministries.  

Most pastors fail this test of excellence. If such is the case don't be too hard on yourself or your pastor. The point of this questionnaire is not to cause embarrassment. Instead, it is to encourage pastors and congregations in the development of some important ministry areas. Consider the possibilities suggested above and implement some of these possibilities in your church!

Thomas F. Fischer

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