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Sermon Starters

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Series C: Advent 2000-Pentecost 2001

Series B: Epiphany 2000-Pentecost 2000

 In an effort to provide a continually wider range of services and at the same time to encourage ministry health, Ministry Health Ministry Health Sermon Starters are provided to facilitate greater efficiency in sermon preparation while enabling pastors to direct their time to the all-important (and never-ending) demands of personal and person-to-person ministry.  

Sermon Starters are written by Rev. Kelly Bedard, B.A., M.Div., Assisting Editor of Ministry Health, LLC and Rev. Wayne Dobratz, B.S., M.Div. Sermon Starters will normally be emailed and posted at MH's "Sermon Starter" archive no later than Tuesday prior to the appointed Sunday and sooner when possible. The outlines provided will sometime be more topical in nature. Frequently they may also connect with the ecumenical pericopes of the church.
Ministry Health Sermon Starters are provided by Ministry Health at no charge. Visit Ministry Health Sermon Starters each week for ideas, inspiration and possible outlines for your healthy preaching ministry.


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