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About Ministry Health

"Excellent Website"
  Rick Warren, Saddleback Community Church

Director, Thomas F. Fischer

"Sermon Starters" Editor/Assisting Editor, Kelly Bedard

Advisory Panel

The Director

Rev. Thomas F. Fischer, Editor of  Ministry Health Ministry, is an active clergyman of the Michigan District of Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. A 1983 graduate of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri (M.Div), Tom has served in a variety of ministry settings including...

Pastoral Ministries

* Administrative Pastor, Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Rochester Hills, Michigan (2001-present)
* Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Midland, Michigan (1986-2001);
* Founding Pastor of Lord of New Life Lutheran Church, Midland, Michigan (1995-1998);
* Campus Pastor at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI, (1992-1993);
* Associate Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church and School, Omaha, Nebraska (1984-1986).
* Director Of Music in several churches (1974-1984).

Teaching Ministries

* Major Instructor for the Michigan District-LCMS's Michigan Lutheran Ministries Institute (MLMI) a Michigan District certification program for lay ministry (1987-1993),
* Instructor for Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Michigan extension program (1993-1995),
* Instructor for Concordia College, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Human Resources Administration (HRA) Extension Program (1994-1998).

Writing And Publications

Ministry Health extends to thousands of subscribers in nearly 100 countries throughout the world. Ministry Health's diverse writings have appeared in numerous journals, seminary classrooms, Asbury Theological Seminary's on-line continuing education program, and numerous denominational publications including publications of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod including CrossTalk. 

Perhaps most notably, in addition to a regular  "Ministry Health and Conflict Resolution" column in Net Results, Fischer's writings have also appeared in Christian Counseling Today and other periodicals. He has also appeared on several Christian media events including Lutheran Hour Ministry's "Crosswalk" television program.

Consultation and Workshop Facilitator

Ministry Health's ministry continues to grow and extend itself in practical ways in working with congregations, pastors, denominational entities and others to strengthen anxious churches. For further information contact Ministry Health.

More About The Editor

Academic Background

Tom's interest in Christian leadership issues--especially church conflict, ministerial health and administration--has been enhanced by undergraduate studies at Concordia College, Ann Arbor (B.A. 1979), and graduate studies in Exegetical and Systematic theology at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO (1983-84).
Having completed a Masters in Science of Administration Degree (M.S.A) (with a special focus on Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior), Tom is currently focusing his efforts toward completion of a Ph.D. in Conflict Management and Mediation. This unique training helps to give Ministry Health a realistic, practical, yet Scriptural approach to various ministerial issues.

Other Experiences

In addition to formal studies, Tom has also attended numerous church conflict training seminars. Most notable of these are
* Lombard Mennonite Peace Center trainings including...
    a) Mediation Skills Training and "Facilitating Healthy Pastor-Congregation Relationships" with Director Richard Blackburn;
    b) Consulting With Anxious Congregations;
              c) Advanced Clergy Clinic in Emotional Process series;
* Conflict in the Church and The Non-Anxious Presence with Speed Leas;
* "Healthy Congregations" training with Bridgebuilders Director Dr. Peter Steinke;

Peacemaker Reconciliation Training (August, 1999) through Peacemaker Ministries;
* University of Michigan School Of Social Work for continuing education in areas relating to Ministry Health's focus including borderline personality disorders, sexual addiction et al.

* Completed Basic Interim Ministry Training through the Interim Ministry Network (April 2002);

* Advanced Workshop In Family Emotional Process with Dr. Michael Kerr;
* And numerous other experiences.

Tom has also served as a congregational mediator in the Michigan District's "911 Ministry", a conflict mediation program to assist pastors and conflicted congregations. His wide variety of parish experiences in a wide variety of settings and his God-given desire to support pastors are two key reasons Tom developed Ministry Health in August, 1997.


In his spare time Tom, an accomplished classical organist, contemporary keyboardist, guitarist, enjoys exploring music of all periods utilizing a variety of instrumentation.
In June, 1980, Tom married his wife, Cheryl, a child abuse investigator for Michigan's Family Independent Agency (FIA) has worked in rural Clare County, Michigan, inner-city Flint, Michigan, and Midland, Michigan.. They have one daughter, Michelle, born in June, 1981, currently completing her undergraduate studies in professional counseling at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She plans to attend graduate school and become a High School Psychologist.

Statement of Faith

As a Confessional Lutheran Christian and clergyman in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, the Editor believes in the verbal plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures and fully subscribes without reservation to the doctrinal content of the Lutheran Confessions as stated in the Book of Concord, 1580, and the doctrinal positions of the LCMS.

"Sermon Starters" Editor/Assisting Editor: Kelly Bedard, M.Div.
Ministry Health greatly appreciates the proof-reading skills of Rev. Kelly Bedard, M.Div., of Houma, Louisiana. Formerly editor of the Concordia Student Journal, an official publication of Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, Missouri,  Kelly was the recipient of the Senatorial Award of Merit for Journalism in the State of Oregon. His insightful comments and corrections give Ministry Health a special professional appearance. 
Kelly is also the managing editor, of  Ministry Health's weekly sermon resource. 
Advisory Panel
Ministry Health, LLC is grateful for those individuals who assist Ministry Health, LLC with their input, suggestions, comments, prayers and encouragement for this ministry. Such individuals include...
            * Wayne Dobratz, M.Div., Pastor of St. Stephen Lutheran Church,
                     Watertown, WI, USA;
            * John Crowe, D.Min., Pastor, LaGrange United Methodist, North
                      Carolina, USA
  * And so many others in various denominational capacities and secular vocations who assist this ministry. Without their assistance, Ministry Health would lose a great deal of insight, direction and vision for the extension of this Ministry. 
Ministry Health gives special thanks and recognition especially to the following people who have encouraged the development of  Ministry Health.
    * Ms. Carol Bacon-Cohrs
, Michigan District-LCMS Resource Coordinator; 
    * Rev. Erwin Kostizen, former VP of the Michigan District-LCMS, and Pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church, Clio, Michigan; 
    * Rev. John Simpson
, General Superintendent emeritus of the Baptist Union, Victoria, Australia; and 
    * Greg Morris
of Greg Morris Ministries.

How To Contact The Ministry Health Director

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments about Ministry Health or a personal observation or questions, write the editor via e-mail.

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