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There Is A Time
Reflections For Christian Leaders

Thomas F. Fischer, M.Div., M.S.A.

Number 17

There Is A Time For Everything…
What is God’s calling for you at this particular time in the ministry in which He has placed you?
The things we experience, the style of leadership necessary at given times, the life-stages of a congregation’s ministry are all subject to God’s timing. Indeed, over a long congregational tenure, Christian leaders will undoubtedly experience many struggles relative to their calling in the larger view of God’s timing.
New opportunities will arise; but sometimes we’ll just have to wait patiently for such opportunities. At other times we’ll lead more aggressively, other times we’ll need to stand back and watch as God works as only He can to prepare us, our church, and others for the next phase of ministry.
The leadership we offer depends totally on God’s timing. As the writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, "There is a time for everything…."

There Is A Time
Reflections for Leaders

There is…
A time to build…a time to tear down;
A time to plant…a time to plow;
A time to move…a time to wait;
A time for patience…a time for impatience;
A time to excite…a time to rest;
A time to encourage…a time to be encouraged

There is…

A time for enemies…a time for friends;
A time for friends…a time for loneliness;
A time to console…a time to be consoled;
A time for rejection…a time for acceptance;
A time to be betrayed…a time to be befriended;
A time to minister…a time to be ministered to.

There is…

A time for action…a time for reflection;
A time for confusion…a time for clarity;
A time of doubt...a time of faith;
A time of bewilderment...a time of insight;
A time of doubt...a time of confidence;
A time to ponder…a time to act.

There is…

A time to grow...a time to decline;
A time to weaken…a time to strengthen;
A time to implement…a time to wait;
A time to suffer…a time to heal;
A time to endure…a time to rest;.
A time to begin…a time to end.

There is…

A time to question…a time to discern;
A time for prudence…a time for wisdom;
A time for resentment…a time for reconciliation;
A time for decline...a time for increase;
A time for success…a time for failure;
A time for recognition…a time for anonymity.

There is…

A time for frustration…a time for joy;
A time to confront…a time to console;
A time for conflict....a time to reconcile;
A time to cry…a time to rejoice;
A time to project…a time to reflect;
A time to grieve…a time to move on.

There is…

A time for strength...a time for weakness;
A time to hold…a time to fold;
A time to cleave…a time to leave;
A time to resist...a time to accept;
A time to seize...a time to release;
A time to control…a time to let go;
A time to lead…a time to follow.

Lord, I know...

There is a time for me...
Lead in Your time, Lord!
Help me discern Your ways...
and Your time.
But most of all...
May I always be Your servant
In Your time, Lord.
Lord, In Your time there is always…
a time for strength,
a time for hope,
a time for life.
Lord, in Your time…
Use me… and I will lead…
Call me…and I will follow…
Lord, all this I will do...
In Your time.

Thomas F. Fischer

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